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How to Draw Sonic Characters

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How to Draw Sonic Characters

How to draw sonic the Hedgehog Characters

How to draw Sonic the Hedgehog


How to draw Knuckles the Echidna

Start with an oval, because Knuckles' head is more oval-shaped than Sonic's. Give him a pair of suspicious eyes. A butterfly shape like Sonic again, but more squashed out. Put a tall oval under the big one. Knux is all ovals while Sonic is all circles. Add his muzzle and dreadlocks. His muzzle is a vague triangle shape, because he has a longer muzzle and more of a chin than Sonic. Rough out a couple lines for his legs and two circles on either side for his fists. Add his face detail and the outline of his shoes and socks. Give him a dissapproving look, like the semi-villain he is. Add the last details and finish him out. Add his signiture white crescent, knuclaws and latches on his shoes. And there's Knuckles, looking down his nose at you. :-)






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