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Taylor and I have run into some good mods for HL and HL2. We want to share with you a few of these. If you ever see a mod for these don't hesitate to try it out!

Good HL Mods

Taylor told me about sven co-op, and before I had Steam, we played it. I find this game extremely entertaining. The point of this game is to help other players to help yourself. This game is based on Half-life, and uses there characters. You get to go through and play all these levels with your friends. I think I would rate this game a 4/5

I was introduced to half-life mods by Taylor, and now that I know how to find thtm, I looked for new ones to play. I looked at some of the games and I found a game called Battle Graounds. This game is based on the American Independance, where you use the one shot, one reload weapons. There are two teams and three classes in this game. I have not played this game enough to tell you many details, except that this game is entertaining. I hope that you like this game to. 3/5

Taylor showed me another HL mod that I really like. This is based off of the Dragon Ball Z show. Even if you dont like Dragon Ball Z, you should try it any way. This game is called Earth's Special Forces. This game is all that and a bag of chips, you get to fly fight and shot kai beams in a 3D world on your favorite DBZ plces. This game is a fat 5/5.

Another game I find very entertaining is called Adrenaline Gamer. This game uses the same graphics as Sven Coop. Except that you are not helping each other, you have to kill each other. It is very entertaining. I rate this game a 3/5

Good HL2 Mods

Even though I dont have HL2, Taylor showed me a game called Gary's Mod. This mod is like an anything goes type of thing. You get to mess arround with tons of people, items and wepons form all the preveous valve games. You can even get rides. There are lots of confusing looking tools you can adjust to make things how you want them, but dont let that throw you off. This game is just big to explain, so try it out for yourself. 4/5

Tribute: Made By Shoan