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If you have any cool links to add to the collection, talk to Taylor for evaluation!

I now some of you must play a console. So here is a site that will help you with all your video game cheating needs!

I know that all of you here must be sonic fans. so here is a link that is for you!!

My friend,Jesse, made a Battlefront 2 clan. You should check it out!

This is probably the only program we would really like you to have for the clan. This is so we can communicate. We have been using this program for a while, and we havent had any problems. It is for Windows, Macs, and Pocket PC's. This download isnt required, but it is prefered.

There is a tactical game that I like to play called Cosmic encounter online. Its fun and you can play wiht people all around the world. I would check it out if I were you.


Tribute: Made By Shoan